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Transactional Analysis is based upon on 3 philosophical assumptions:

  • Everyone is OK
  • Everyone can think
  • Everyone can change

    As you can see from this, I work from the premise that we are our own best resource.

    Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy helps us to look at messages we received as a child. These may have helped us positively in our lives, but may also have limited us. We may constantly be repeating unhelpful patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving out of awareness in order to get our needs met. These messages can have an impact on our personality, the current situation in which we find ourselves and our relationships with others.

    The goals of Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy are to:

  • identify and become consciously aware of unhelpful patterns
  • explore new ways of thinking, feeling and behaving
  • actively make changes in our lives

    As a counsellor/therapist I will work with you to help you achieve these goals.

    In TA psychotherapy the first step is to develop an awareness of the unhelpful patterns.The second step is to recognise when these patterns are happening in the moment. The final step is to change the pattern and use different strategies which have more positive results.

    Once you have contacted me either by phone, text or e-mail, I will arrange a suitable time for the first session of counselling/psychotherapy.

    I currently work one or two days per week

    You may feel nervous at the first session, but I will work at your pace and will listen carefully to what you wish to discuss.

    I will then decide whether we can work together and how best to do this - for me this is about whether I have the skills and resources as a Counsellor/Psychotherapist to help you.

    A session lasts one hour


    To make an appointment for counselling or psychotherapy, you can contact me in the following ways:

  • By e-mail Click the link at the bottom of the page

  • Click here to e-mail me

  • On my business mobile 07581 862972
    (to leave a confidential message)

  • By text on the number above

    When I am seeing clients, my phone is switched off, so please don't be afraid to leave a message on the voicemail.
    Ensure you leave your name and number after the tone and I will get back to you as soon as I can if I am not available when you ring.

  • <b>The First Session</B>. GOrme

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